Rub A Dub Candles & Melts

Rub A Dub Skin & Massage Friendly Candles

Burn longer, smell stronger and do not contain any petroleum like ordinary candles. They are handmade with 100% vegetable based wax and therefore produce 90% less carbon soot than paraffin candles. This makes the air we breath much cleaner.

Rub A Dub Candles are also lotion & massage candles that are rich in vitamin E goodness. Simply blow the candle out, dip your fingers into the melted soy and Rub A Dub it all over! Or if your feeling kinky just pour the melted soy right out of the jar! Soy burns at a temperature lower than other waxes and the soft candle wax will feel no hotter than a warm bath. A soothing warm oil that softens your skin and cuticles. A day spa in a jar!

All Rub A Dub Candles are lead and dye free with no added chemicals…and when the candle is finally done, you can use the jar to keep your bits and pieces.

About the Artisan

Leanne Oliveira evolved from making soy candles for family and friends as a hobby into a boutique candle company that hand-makes and sells artisanal triple scented skin-friendly candles.

Through trial, error and persistence, Leanne finally developed a range of soy candles that she can call her own. She uses only pure soy wax, high quality fragrances, essential oils and lead free wicks.

All of her candles are hand poured and are only made to order, ensuring the highest quality every time.

“My mission is not to sell the largest amount of soy candles but to share the best quality soy candles with you”

Handmade (with love) In Australia


About exodusbrand

We are continually looking for quality hand made products from around the globe to bring to you. The products we choose must be hand made with love, friendly to mother earth and good for the soul! We hope you enjoy our choices as much as we do.

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